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Our goal is to provide participants with mentorship and networking opportunities with top-notch tech developers. DevHacks will bring national and international mentors from IT industry that will lead teams to success by guiding and advising throughout the competition. Mentors inspire and guide the teams to come up with originals ideas and transform the local reality.

“Fondatorul proiectului Pitesti SMART CITY, Dan Hodos, participa in perioada 23-24 Noimebrie la Conferinta “DevHacks” organizata de platforma de dezvoltare si inovarea Devtalks, proiect care are ca tinta tinerii si abilitatiile tehnologice . El va reprezenta proiectul “Pitesti Smart City” in fata a zeci de tineri dezvoltatori de Tech & IT pe care ii va ghida in primii pasi catre proiecte antreprenoriale.”





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